16 September 2020

Membership Changes

The Fleurieu Aquatic Centre delivers extensive health and well-being benefits to the entire Fleurieu community through its state of the art facilities offering a range of aquatic, health and fitness programs, also providing local employment and community engagement.

The Centre is managed by YMCA South Australia, one of Australia's oldest and most respected community-based charity organisations, with governance provided by the Fleurieu Regional Aquatic Centre Authority (the Authority).

Following concerns raised by a private gym operator regarding the pricing of the Centre’s bundled all-access membership (combining access to both gym and aquatic facilities), an investigation was conducted by the Essential Services Commission of SA (ESCOSA).

ESCOSA formed the view that the current price on the bundled membership was not fully cost-reflective and at a rate that was lower than what the private sector could offer. The Competition Commissioner supported this view and recommended that the Authority consider re-pricing that membership package, in addition to offering a gym only membership option.

While the Authority believes that the existing pricing was fair and not anti-competitive, the Authority have worked with the YMCA to develop new pricing for that package.

Accordingly, as of 1 January 2021, the weekly price of the bundled all-access membership package will rise from $18.50 to $21.00 per week, and a gym only membership costing $14.50 per week will be introduced. Other all-access memberships will increase proportionately related to the standard All Access pricing with the YMCA to notify all members accordingly.

The Authority and the YMCA remain committed to ensuring the Centre is as affordable as possible in the interests of encouraging community engagement and wellbeing.

The Centre was recently awarded the South Australia Parks and Leisure Association (PLA) award for Best Regional/Rural Contribution, acknowledging the Centre’s positive social, environmental and economic impact. The importance of the Centre to the region is highlighted by over 215,000 annual visits and membership numbers continuing to grow year on year, despite Covid-19 enforced closures and restrictions.