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YMCA Tab Icons Fill Master Document 3 Month Discounted Fees Promotion Terms & Conditions
  • Promotion is only valid to:
    • new members (no active YMCA membership at the Fleurieu Aquatic Centre as of 07/07/2021)
    • the first 100 new members which join under this promotion
  • Promotional prices are valid for every All Access membership sold between 09/07/2021 – 01/08/2021 (must select the correct discounted membership for online sales). The promotion does not apply to any other membership type. The joining fee is automatically waived for all sales (online or in-person).
  • The promotional period of discounted fees ($14.85/week) ends on 27/10/2021. As of 28/10/2021, direct debit charged will automatically revert to the standard All Access membership price of $21.50/week without notice.
  • All direct debit YMCA memberships are ‘no lock-in contract’. As such, upon the conclusion of the promotional period of discounted fees (27/10/2021), members may elect to ‘downgrade’ their membership to another membership type (e.g. All Access Concession or Active Adults) at no cost.

Mates Rates Membership Discount

Friends who exercise together train longer, burn more calories and visit the gym more regularly.

Receive up to 20% off standard All Access membership rates by joining with a friend or family member. Even better, only pay one $59 joining fee for those who join together. Mates Rates Discount only applies to All Access Memberships.

The details and terms you need to know
  • 'Mates' must use one set of payment details (bank account or credit card) for ongoing direct debits of all 'mates'
  • Up to 5 individuals can join together and receive the Mates Rates discount, however, all debits must come from one set of payment details.
  • Must be completed in-person at Customer Service with all 'mates' present at the time of sign-up. Each 'mate' will need to fill out their own membership form.
  • If your 'mate' cancels their membership, your membership will automatically revert to the standard non-discounted price.
  • Already joined and want to add a 'mate' to start getting a discount? Not a problem if you are on our standard direct debit membership. Add 'mates' to your account (and begin receiving the Mates Rates Discount) at any time.
  • Modification to one 'mate' can impact all 'mates'. If your 'mate' cancels, your membership will automatically be reverted to the non-discount membership rate.
  • Unable to combine Mates Rates and Concession Discounts.
  • Discount can only be applied for 2 or more All Access Members. Other membership types (Active Adult, Active Youth, Aquatic) and Swimming Lesson memberships, do not qualify for Mates Rates, nor can they be used to qualify for the Mates Rates Discount.

Concession Discount

Breaking down the barrier of affordability is a key component to the creation of vibrant hubs of community wellbeing and activity.

Concession discount are applicable to All Access Membership and some casual entry fees. All Access - Concession memberships can be purchased online or in-person. Proof of valid concession required at sign-up/first visit. Eligible concessions include:

  • Full-time students
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • DVA Health Card

Seniors Cards are not accepted, however, we do offer our Active Adults Membership which is a reduced membership rate. The concession discount can not be combined 'Mates Rates' or any other discount.