Active Youth 13Y-15Y

Healthy habits learned early on serve young people for the rest of their lives. Youth membership develops and encourages an active lifestyle which builds confidence and leads to a lifetime of health and happiness.

The YMCA has identified their role in facilitating and encouraging young people to build healthy habits early on. The Active Youth 13Y – 15Y membership is structured to enable gym and recreation facility access to young people in a safe and supportive environment. The membership has been specifically designed to minimise many of the traditional barriers young people face to gym participation, including few restrictions and competitive price.

Youth Orientation

All Active Youth 13Y – 15Y members must complete a Youth Orientation with a qualified YMCA Gym Instructor prior to the commencement of their membership. Parent/guardian attendance at the Youth Orientation is mandatory. The purpose of the Youth Orientation is to establish: 

  • Rules and behaviour expectation within the Centre, specifically pertaining to the gym and adherence to an approved exercise program
  • Expectations of a parent/guardian, including supervision requirements
  • Permissions and acceptance of risks of both the parent/guardian and youth
  • A basic health assessment to identify potential risk factors and the development of a tailored prescribed program

Youth Membership Includes:

Gym - Unlimited

Pool - Unlimited (excluding hydrotherapy pool)

Group Fitness - Access to all age appropriate group fitness 

Gym Consultation - Induction, personalised programs, technique cues and check-ins (mandatory youth gym induction)