Holiday activities ongoing today School Holiday Fun

Holiday activities ongoing today School Holiday Fun

Swim Lesson Cancellation Form

The above details are used to find your membership account. If they do not match what our records it could delay your request for cancellation.

Amended swimming lesson cancellation terms apply to cancellation received up to 9pm Wednesday, 24th of June.

In consideration of the COVID 19 situation, all swimming lesson cancellations received prior to 9pm Wednesday, 25th of June will be exempt from the standard 14 days written notice of cancellation. This means there will be no further fees/debits will be charged for lessons in advance. All students have prepaid either 1 or 2 lessons from the debit on the 19th of March. As such, you have access to your usual lesson and the centre up until and including the 5th of July (if your lesson day is Thursday through Sunday) and up until and including the 8th of July (if your lesson day is Monday through Wednesday). 

Standard swimming lesson cancellation terms (as per your contract) which apply to all cancellation requests received after 9pm, Wednesday, 24th of June.

The Centre requires 14 days written notice of cancellation, which means one more direct debit will be charged after the cancellation request form is submitted to customer service. Your access to the Centre and lessons will cease 14 days after the last direct debit payment. All outstanding fees must be paid in full prior to cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel your swimming lesson membership if two or more direct debit drawings are returned unpaid by your nominated Financial Institution and you fail to arrange an alternate payment method. Credits on your account are non-refundable. The Centre advises you to contact your Financial Institution to confirm the termination of further direct debits after any final payments are successfully paid.